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The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower


The new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower at Ein Kerem is
more than a building of bricks and mortar.

It is a promise to serve for the next hundred years. 

Join us in building a citadel of healing, a sanctuary of peace.

Join us in building the future. 

The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower is open for business. 






It’s a fact. When Hadassah women get together, mountains move and miracles happen.

Hadassah has done it again and again, and now it’s time to do it once more.

What It Is

· Hadassah is pleased to announce a new initiative to encourage your unit to participate in an exciting Tower Equipment Unit Naming Opportunity in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower at Ein Kerem. As in the first Tower Unit Naming Opportunity, successfully concluded in May 2011, ALL Regions, Big Chapters, Chapters, groups were able to participate in this new initiative for the Equipment Phase of the Tower Campaign. ALL PLEDGES HAD TO BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 1, 2012 in order for recognition to be in place for the Centennial Convention in October 2012. Also note: ALL FUNDS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 1, 2013.

· The Hospital Tower will be equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology to provide the best inpatient-facility care in Israel, combining cutting-edge medical technology with a profound spirit of healing. Your participation in funding this phase will both motivate your members and make a profound difference!

How It Works

All Units across the country and in Hadassah International are invited to participate in the Tower

Equipment Unit Naming Opportunity program. Here’s how it works:

· Individual Grassroots donations up to $5,000 will qualify for inclusion in an Equipment Unit Naming Opportunity drive. Major Gifts (gifts of $5,000 and above) also may be counted as part of the Unit Naming program. Each participating Unit can link its donation to its Tower goal (25 percent of the annual goal based on a five-year cumulative Campaign goal).

· Because Tower Equipment Unit Naming Opportunities are for Units and not individuals, major gifts donors will not receive individual recognition. However, all individual donors are eligible for a variety of premiums, including the Tower pin ($1,800), the Tower paperweight ($360) and the Tower pendant ($180).

The minimum contribution for an Equipment Unit Naming Opportunity is $18,000 for a Single Line recognition at the Non-Real Estate Wall at the Main Entrance Promenade. Naming opportunities of $36,000 and above entitle Units to a 6-line glass plaque on the Non-Real Estate Wall at the Main Entrance Promenade.

 The Florida Atlantic Region has already pledged $250,000 for equipment for an ICU room in the Tower. We are more than halfway there!

 See what Hadassah is all about.  Go to  www.hadassah.org.


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