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South Florida Area Development Center


 South Florida Area Development Center (ADC)

                                                We are here to serve you!

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     Adelle Greenblatt,  Chair
     Ruth Lindner, Broward Region, Major Donor Outreach Chair,  
     Judy Greer, Florida Atlantic Region, Major Donor Outreach Chair , 
     Carol Weiss, Major Donor Outreach Co-Chair, FAR, 

   Lisa Moore, Executive Director, lisa.moore@hadassah.org


~  Major Gifts ($5,000+)

~  Stock Transfers

~   Bequest Gifts to Chapter

~   Donating Israel Bonds

~   Wills

~   Yahrzeits

~   Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower

~    Planned Giving: Charitable Gift Annuities; Charitable Trusts

~   Visits to our projects in Israel

(Hadassah Hospitals, Hadassah College Jerusalem, Young Judaea, Youth Aliyah)

~   Major Donor Pin & Certificate Presentations

~   Credit Card Payments

~   Road Tiles

2200 NW Corporate Boulevard
Suite 200
Boca Raton, Florida 33431

Phone (561) 997-6988  Fax (561) 997-6635 Toll Free (877) 949-1818

or e-mail Lisa at lisa.moore@hadassah.org

All original donor checks and payments of major gifts must be sent
directly to the ADC office
deposited in chapter bank accounts.


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