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 In our efforts to reach out beyond our normal ‘scope’ – in our efforts to expand our dreams and our reach, we are interested in reaching out to the local PBC community – to reach out to other organizations – to other groups – to others - so that we can enlarge and enhance our reach.

 We can align ourselves with a large variety of groups:


          Medical Organizations

          Fraternal Groups

          Educational Groups


          Youth groups, etc.

 By our outreach, we will meet people we have never encountered before. Our name – HADASSAH - will be ‘out there’, and more people will know about us. This might lead to more awareness, more understanding, and, if we do it right, we will get new members. Our fundraising may soar, and we will have the opportunity to introduce new friends to Israel and Hadassah’s causes.

Now: HOW WILL HADASSAH HELP YOU? You will reach out; you will learn; you will grow! You will become more and better! You will become more attuned to your potential and your passion. You will work with the remarkable women of Hadassah; they will all help you. So, if you have ever dreamed about ‘doing more,’ if you have ever dreamed about being more, if you have ever said, “Well, maybe tomorrow,” now is tomorrow, now is your time. Call and say, “Yes, I will.” . . . and then – DREAM BIG!!

 Marcia Werby, Chair (werbs2@yahoo.com)

5341 West Atlantic Avenue # 305
Delray Beach FL 33484
www.FloridaAtlanticRegion.Hadassah.org - check our web-site!
561-498-1012 (office)
561-498-1599 (fax)

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