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From your Organizational Vice President


Marion Aronheim

 Spring, 2014

It is Spring, the time of the year for cleaning and preparing for Pesach. It is the time to get rid of chometz, shop, cook, and bake, using old family recipes.
Some of our members will be heading back north for the summer, even though our Florida summers are not so bad, sometimes cooler than up North. Please
let Sherry at the Region office know your summer address so she can help you keep in touch.
January workshops had a record number of attendees: 285 women came to nosh, learn and meet their counterparts from the Region Executive Board.
In late February, Nancy Falchuk, immediate Past National President, came to our Region. She visited the Henrietta Szold Nurses Council, Orah North
County, Ora Delray, and Chevra chapters. We also had a wonderful Hadassah Shabbat on Friday evening, where Nancy spoke again.
Hadassah never stops “Hadassahing.” We plan, have summer workshops, and hold Spring and Summer events like our Book and Author Luncheons. It will be
hard to beat our overwhelming March Book & Author luncheons.
Yasher Koach to all who made this event such a success, especially Simi Rosenberg and Barbara Newman. Our 2-day event was the highlight of
the season. We sold 609 tickets in 22 minutes for the Friday, March 14th luncheon. So many chapters came with checks in hand and with no tickets left to
sell, we quickly solved the problem by adding an additional day, Monday, March 17th. This added day also had over 250 attendees. The purpose, of course,
was to make everyone happy. Yasher Koach to all of you for your cooperation and patience.
To all of you, Marcel and I wish you a Zissen Pesach
filled with love, joy and family get-togethers.
Marion Aronheim, Organization Vice President



PRESIDENTS: Not For YOUR Eyes Only!!


You asked for it; you got it -  A Presidents’ packet once a week. All e-mails, notices from Region, upcoming Region events are all included in one e-mail every week!  Please disseminate this information to your Vice Presidents.

Thank you all for coming to the 2012 Portfolio Workshops. It was a tremendous success. There was information galore. Please use the workshop booklets, so when you return to your Board and Vice Presidents, they know what YOU know.

Whenever possible, do not schedule Chapter events the same day as Region events.

This year,  the Florida Atlantic Region has heard you!! There will  be only one major Region Fundraising event - “A Hadassah Mystery - One Less for Lunch,” which will be held at Benvenuto’s Restaurant. The cost is $54 for the luncheon only, or $75, which will include the luncheon and a drawing book of 6 tickets. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT!

Our goal is to raise $250,000 to fully equip and furnish a Surgical Intensive Care Unit in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. The plaque is already up outside our Dedicated Room at the time of this publication.

Let’s come to the finish line - working together for Hadassah, Israel and all mankind.

Marion Aronheim, Organization Vice-President



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