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Executive Vice President

                                       HADASSAH INTERNATIONAL

 Hadassah International is a humanitarian organization spanning five continents, comprised of men and women of all faiths and nationalities who support the Hadassah Medical Center, a premier facility of  healing, teaching, and research in Jerusalem. Through the universal language of medicine, it builds bridges to nations by initiating and hosting symposia where Hadassah’s health care professionals share their expertise. It also helps to establish cooperative research and clinical ventures between Hadassah and medical and scientific institutions around the world.

Globally renowned for treating all patients with compassionate care regardless of ethnicity or religion, the Hadassah Medical Center is a world-class institution which was nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize. Despite terror and turmoil within Israel’s borders, Hadassah continually reaches out to countries everywhere with emergency relief, clinical training, and research breakthroughs. Patients from around the world seek out Hadassah’s 2 hills of healing in Ein Kerem and on Mount Scopus for their innovative medical procedures.

 Hadassah to Participate in Global Stem Cell Research Consortium on Alzheimer’s Disease

 The Hadassah Medical Center is one of the prestigious participants in a global consortium sponsored by the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (CAF), aimed at employing stem cells to eventually uncover the cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Prof. Tamir Ben-Hur, M.D., Ph.D, head of Hadassah’s Department of Neurology, is spearheading the research at Hadassah, which has received an initial grant of $100,000 from Cure for this purpose.

 Prof. Ben-Hur (pictured above) explains that neural stem cells are able to renew themselves and generate various types of brain cells. While such cells form the brain during embryonic development, it has become clear that the adult brain, like many other tissues, also contains resident stem and precursor cells.




To all of you reading this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you do and for being who you are. By “our hearts”, I mean the 330,000+ members, associates, and supporters of Hadassah USA, the supporters from 25+ countries of Hadassah International, the Israelis – all of them – and also the entire Jewish population scattered through the Diaspora. YOU – WE – impact their lives daily……and we don’t even know who/where they are.

 However, there is another opportunity for ALL OF YOU, but I am sure many of you do not know that this opportunity exists. It is an opportunity to join a committee (or even start one) in our Florida Atlantic Region. Simply stated: YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ASKED TO JOIN A COMMITTEE… YOU ARE WELCOME TO CALL THE APPROPRIATE FAR VP and talk to her….new members and new ideas are always welcome.

 EDUCATION VP – Barbara Alper – has a very full plate and is looking for a few good women to help her….sometimes it is only making a few phone calls or checking something on the computer. Sometimes it is helping with an event…or doing research. 

 FUNDRAISING VP – Lynn Saxton can always use an extra set of hands, more suggestions, more ideas, more input….so call her and see how she can use your talents and your skills.

We always have an event coming up…join our committees.

 MEMBERSHIP VP – Iris Sandberg has had a phenomenal run as Membership Co-VP of Chevra Chapter which exceeded its membership goals by 36%. Our fabulous $100 life membership opportunity during 2011 created an enormous amount of work and challenges…reaching out to all those child-life members is just one aspect. There are many committee opportunities – we need YOUR help. E-mail Iris via the Region office and see what you can contribute.

Just know that WE NEED YOU! We may not even know who you are or what you can contribute or how you can help us. Therefore, it is up to YOU to reach out to US. Please do so!

 Let me end as I started, by saying THANK YOU in advance for helping us help you. Hadassah is an organization built from the bottom up! It is our members, our chapters, our friends who make us what we are. Without YOU, there is no Hadassah. Join us at Florida Atlantic Region (FAR) as we reach out to all our members. As you help us enrich their lives, your own life will become much richer and more rewarding.

 Feel free to contact me at any time.



Have you often gotten mail that says R.S.V.P.?

     Do you find it annoying as can be?

You may have an appointment with a friend.

     Perhaps you’ll be sick or on the mend.

You may not feel like attending that day.

     There may be a card game you’ll want to play.

Hadassah has sent this invitation.

It seems to be a special occasion.

You put it aside to think about another day.

You wonder what your friends will say.

Many weeks later you do see

The invitation with R.S.V.P.

You call a friend, you like her so.

Would she really like to go?

She’s excited about the event,

But her reply has already been sent.

Now she realizes she missed the closing date.

Next time she’ll be careful not to be late.

She will check for R.S.V.P.

 “If someone’s late, it won’t be me.”

Hadassah members, please do see

That you answer the R.S.V.P.

                                    Marge Rosin, Executive VP




                              (Hadassah, Women's Zionist Organization of America)
Join me in being oh so very proud

     Of the organization that stands out in the crowd.

HWZOA is the non-profit I mean

     That carries good deeds to the very extreme.

In Israel and the United States,

     Its good deeds do not abate.

It looks at the world in an unusual way

     And wants to help others every day.
Old and new members now swell our roles,

     And join each other in being good souls.

Florida Atlantic Region is a region so grand.

     It’s hard to find better throughout the land.

Membership, fundraising, program, and education

     Are sure to be some of the best in the nation.

Our Hadassah Medical Organization

     Fills us with pride and adulation.

There are three Institutional Centers of Excellence and Departmental Centers of Excellence, too.

To name them all is to name quite a few:
The Hadassah Cancer Center, the Departmant of Medicine, the Department of Medical Biophysics, and Neurology      
The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Department of Ophthalmology.

The Department of Pediatrics, the Department of Psychiatry. The Departments of Surgery and Rehab too.                                  
As to the special  centers,  they give us a clue.

 Marge Rosin, Executive Vice-President





July 26, 2011

Israeli device now in clinical trials avoids radiation, guesswork, discomfort and other downsides that make mammography an imperfect screening tool. RUTH screens for breast cancer without touching the patient.

Early detection is the key to improving breast cancer survival rates, but mammography is not the ideal method to accomplish this goal. Of several approaches being developed worldwide, an Israeli solution pioneered by electro-optical engineer Boaz Arnon holds particular promise in providing a game-changing device for early detection of breast cancer.

Appropriately named RUTH, for Arnon's mother, Ruth, who succumbed to the disease in 2004, the device he invented uses a new trademarked platform he calls MIRA (functional Multidimensional Infra-Red Analysis). MIRA enables functional quantitative analysis of 3D and infrared signals emitted from cancerous and benign breast tissue.

"Our solution is not sensitive to age or breast density, and works without radiation," Arnon told ISRAEL21c. "We image the patient from a distance of 70 centimeters (25.5 inches), with no physical contact or radiation, and we have developed an automatic method that aims to detect breast cancer early, easily and as cheaply as possible."

Though a medical doctor will oversee screenings with RUTH, "automatic" is one of its most key features. Results will not have to be interpreted by human eyes, thanks to the device's unique process of calibration using mathematical algorithms formulated from three-dimensional models of hundreds of women with and without malignancies. The algorithms provide unprecedented accuracy.  "Our sensitivity results show 90 percent accuracy for women of all ages," says Arnon.  By comparison, mammography usually is about 80 percent accurate, and not even that high in younger patients.

More than 2,000 women have been involved in clinical trials for RUTH since 2007 at six Israeli hospitals, including Hadassah-Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes. "We now have the fifth generation of the RUTH device," says Arnon. "Before the end of this year, we will probably have one [being tested] in Europe as well."

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