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Although not sponsored directly by Hadassah, we are happy to let our members know of other events of Jewish interest taking place in our Region.


The Rickie Report

                           A NEW TREATMENT FOR TYPE 2 DIABETES

     A company in Israel named Oramed Pharmaceuticals has developed a pill that will be used, instead of an injection, to control insulin levels for people with type 2 Diabetes. The program is now in phase two of their clinical trials which will be conducted here in different medical centers in the United States. The development of this oral insulin capsule is based on twenty five years of research at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem. Israel is a major centers for Diabetes research and Hadassah is a stakeholder in this new endeavor.

    It is believed that this new insulin capsule could slow the progression of type 2 Diabetes. The disease itself has three phases. In the first stage, treatment consists of diet and exercise, while in the second stage, oral medications are required that boost the body’s own insulin production. By the third stage the patient is insulin dependent.

    It is hoped that this new oral insulin capsule will extend the second stage of the disease, thereby eliminating the insulin dependent stage and avoid further complications, as well as painful treatment.

Submitted by Joy Parks,

HMO Chair for Florida Atlantic Region


                New Treatments for Brain Disorders
              Submitted by Joy Parks- HMO Chair

      On Thursday evening December 6th, 2012, I attended a lecture given by Dr.

Bernard Lerer at the Broward Jewish Federation. 
Dr. Lerer is a Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Biological Psychiatry Laboratory at Hadassah Hospital.  His lecture subject was new research for treatments of various brain disorders.  In addition to his position at Hadassah Hospital, he served  as the non salaried Director of the National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel, (NIPI), wrote for scientific publications and has had his research supported by many foundations in Israel and the United States.

     In his lecture, he described how the various functions of the brain are altered when Alzheimer’s disease is present. The disease is caused by amyloid proteins that are deposited in the brain.  Up until now, the drugs that are presently on the market, Aricept and Exelon, have been used to prevent the production of the Amyloid protein.

     Dr. Lerer spoke about depression as a medical illness that can be treated and cured. He informed us that by the year 2020, depression will be the second most cause of peoples’ disability to work.  Research is being conducted that employs the use of Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation,  (DTMS). A fellow researcher, Professor Abraham Zanger, invented an “H Coil,” which is noninvasive and can be placed directly over the brain.  As of April, 2012,  twenty-two research sites have used this technique and have achieved remission.   They are now experimenting with this technique on patients with severe Parkinson’s disease as well.

     Other promising Israeli research. by Professor Joseph Zohar, who deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, concluded that an injection of the hormone Cortisol shortly after exposure to a traumatic event may prevent PTSD.  Clinical trials on animals, as well as people, suggest that it may be possible to develop a new therapy to prevent PTSD.

     Many of the research grants have been funded by the National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel, whose aim is to fund brain research to fight disease world wide.

  Israel Can Promise and Deliver


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