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Since Hadassah’s founding in 1912, education has been an integral part of our organization. Every member is encouraged to learn about our history, heritage and traditions in whatever way works for them. In addition to individual learning, we join together in study groups to share our learning and expand our knowledge. Study groups can take many forms – book review groups, Machon, lecture series, film  series, Hebrew studies, etc, whatever works for your chapter.

Please submit a short summary of your chapter’s study group activities and we will highlight it in future editions. Send to: fareducation@hadassah.org.

 If you would like to start a study group, we can assist you in selecting the format, suggest topics to you and provide the curriculum.

You are also encouraged to check out “Go Forth and Study”, the National education packet that is available each month on the Hadassah intranet site. Each month there are book reviews with questions for discussion, articles that are suitable for study and much more.

To access this material go to: www.intranet.hadassah.org; log in is: hadassah.  You will then be prompted to create your own password.

Go to Resources. Then go to Jewish/Zionist Education. There you will find all the issues of “Go Forth and Study”. I suggest you make a separate folder and download each issue to this folder. Then you can look through each issue at your leisure and print out the pages that interest you.

This is a wonderful resource for all members of your chapter, not only the Education VP.

Your Region Education Team is available and can assist you in starting a study group. Please call us at the Region office, 561-498-1012 or e-mail us at   

fareducation@hadassah.org.   Contact us soon.

Marcia Werby & Anne Lee Weiner, Education VPs


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