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Region & National Events

Pictures from the November 1-2 2014 Regional Convention

Jean Friedman, Helene Fox, Janet Leman, Sue Normoyle

Pam Herstein, Linda Ehrensaft, Elaine Lampert

Top Row:  Marian Kaplan, Randy Heidenfelder, Barbara Hecht

Botton Row:  Joyce Fulps, Roberta Goller, Sherry Abramowitz

Top Row:  Elaine Silver, Wendy Huss, Tiffany Zacker

Bottom Row:  Carole Kerr, Rita Kramen, Kim Gollin, Paulette Goodman

Top Row:  Debbie Sternfeld, Diane Maier, Cheryl Adelson

Bottom Row:  Linda Gavatin, Beth Mayer, Evie Levine

Top Row:  Shirley Friedman, Corliss Karasov, Judy Eglash, Susie Fono

Bottom Row:  Gloria Schwartz, Debbie Weiner, Helen Eglash

Top Row:  Natalie Silverman, Michele Rubin

Bottom Row:  Rena Safer, Susan Golding, Carol Herzog

Top Row:  Rita Shapiro, Marcie Natan, Earl Sternfeld

Bottom Row:  Ruth Ann Freedman, Roz Holberg, Teree Farbstein

Susan Golding pinning Teree Farbstein – 11.2.14

2015 Executive Board

Janet Leman, Sherry Abramowitz, Elaine Lampert, Randy Heidenfelder, Teree Farbstein, Carole Kerr, Rita Kramen, Wendy Huss

St. Louis Hadassah Women:

Linda Gavatin, Teree Farbstein, Diane Maier, Cheryl Adelson, Evie Levine, Beth Mayer

Most Beautiful Decorated UpLift Award

Sherry Abramowitz, Elaine Lampert, Teree Farbstein

Rita Shapiro and Marcie Natan, National President

Susan Golding and Teree Farbstein

Carol Herzog

Pam Herstein

Installed Region President 11.1.14 Teree Farbstein

Supplies for decorating bars for Project UpLift Event, 11.1.14

Jean Friedman, Wendy Huss, Diane Maier

Evie Lowenthal and Roberta Goller

Evie Levine, Raye Isenberg, Natalie Silverman

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink 
Most Whimsical Project UpLift Decorated Bra  11.1.14

Pictures from the 2014 National Convention:

Left to Right  Nancy Zimmerman, Charles Zimmerman, Evie Levine, Maxine Mirowitz, Teree Farbstein.

Left to Right     Seated- Marian Kaplan, Sherry Abramowitz, Janet Leman, Fred Safer Standing - Terri Herman, Jenifer Blum, Rita Shapiro, Rena Safer.

David Pasternak, Dale Marcus, Linda Gavatin, Gloria Spitzer

Dale Marcus

Seated- Shirley Friedman, Linda Ehrensaft, 
Standing- Elaine Lampert, Jean Friedman, Helene Fox.

Shahar's Bat Mitzvah

Jamie Gangle and Daniel Silva

Las Vegas Israel rally - with Maxine Mirowitz

Judy Saxe and Gail Cohen

Teree Farbstein celebrating 2014

You can click here and see the other 1500 (!!) pictures


Pictures from the Tri Region Conference 

Bea  Peggy Lois

Debbie Shirley

GPR Elected Board



Kramen Gollin Zacker Levine

Paulette and Susan

Renee and Janice

Renee Resnik

Rita and co-attendees

Ruby Helene

Leslie, Sharon and Teree from Saint Louis

Susan and Paulette

Susie Helen Diana

Three Presidents

Weinman and Zeligson

Young Women 2013


Congratulations to Dale Marcus, Great Plains immediate Past President, for being elected to the Hadassah Foundation Board of Directors. She begins a three-year term January, 2013.

The Hadassah Foundation funds innovative and creative projects that serve women and girls from diverse cultural groups within Israel and the Jewish community in the United States. The Foundation is a philanthropic pioneer in the fields of economic security for low-income Israeli women and leadership and self-esteem programs for adolescent Jewish girls and young women in the United States. Since 2000, the Hadassah Foundation has awarded grants totaling $5.7 million to 60 nonprofit organizations. This year grants totaled $284,000. Hadassah is now in the process of distributing those funds.

The 2012 grant recipients include organizations in both the United States and Israel that support women’s empowerment, financial literacy and workplace equality. In Israel, grants were awarded to Bar Ilan University’s Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women’s Status, the Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development, the Center for Women’s Justice, Economic Empowerment for Women in Israel, Itach, IT Works, Negev Institute, Olim BeYachad, Shatil, Supportive Community, Women’s Spirit, and Yedid. The Hadassah Foundation is also one of 17 American women’s philanthropy funds contributing to the newly-formed Jewish Women’s Collaborative to focus on specific issues pertaining to women in Israeli society.

In the U.S., the Hadassah Foundation focused on women and girls’ empowerment through grants to Avodah, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, Jewish Women International, Keshet, Moving Traditions, and Shalom Bayit. 

 **New "One Stop" Development Division**

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 "You Have Questions -- We have Answers"

The above number is the one to call for questions from our donors and volunteer leadership across the country.

Medical Clowns at Hadassah

Making life more bearable for children and their parents.

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