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Our Region

The Great Plains Region encompasses chapters in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas,Wisconsin and Iowa.

Region activities include board meetings/trainings two to three times a year. These important meetings offer participants the chance to learn more about Hadassah and its programs well as Judaism and Zionism and leadership skills.

Pictures from Israel here

Earl and Debbie Sternfeld and Paulette Goodman in Israel.

Marcie Natan, National Hadassah President,
Rita Shapiro, Great Plains Region President

More Pictures from Israel here 

To learn more about the Region, its members, chapters and groups, contact us through rita.shapiro@Hadassah.org or through one of the board members below:

Great Plains Region
c/o Rita Shapiro
725 East 122ndPlace
Kansas City,MO 64146
Email: rita.shapiro@hadassah.org
(816) 941-9592

GreaterKansas City
c/o Marian Kaplan
3909 West 101stStreet
Overland Park,KS 66207

c/o JCC Office D3
6701 Hoover Road
Indianapolis, IN. 46260
Email: Lmorgan@hadassah.org  

210 W. Lexington Blvd. Glendale, WI 53217

St. Louis
12 Millstone Campus Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146
WEB: www.stlouis.hadassah.org
Email : apicard@hadassah.org
Web site: www.greatplains.hadassah.org

Great Plains Region Board Directory

Great Plains Region Executive Board:
President Rita Shapiro rita.shapiro@hadassah.org
Treasurer- Sherry Abramowitz (nim@obryan.net)
Recording Secretary  Janet Leman (jello2829@gmail.com)

Vice Presidents:
Teree Farbstein (tfarbstein@sbcglobal.net)
Rachelle Milgram - rachellemilgram@aol.com
Rita Kramen (rekteach@ sbcglobal.net)
Tiffany Zacker -  tszacker@cox.net

Susan Golding(Milwaukee)  greatplainsregion@comcast.net
Paulette Goodman(Wichita)   pgoodman800@gmail.com
Dale Marcus (Indianapolis) dale.marcus@hadassah.org
Rena Safer (Illiana,Fox Valley,WI, Lafayette, IL) renafred@sbdglobal.net
Natalie Silverman (Greater Kansas City, St. Louis) nsilverman@hadassah.org

Organization Coordinator: 
Mary Beth Cohen marybeth.cohen@comcast.net
Leadership Coordinator:  
Laurie Sterling ltsterling@comcast.net
Fundraising Coordinator:
Wendy Huss. wrh0927@gmail.com
Assistant Fundraising Coordinator:

Randy Heidenfelder  (randynote@me.com)

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Paulette Goodmanpgoodman800@gmail.com

Chai Society Chair: Barbara Hecht  Barbara@barbarahecht.com
Cards Susie Fono fonofoto@sbcglobal.net 

Brochures: Charyl Rubin crubin@kc.rr.com

Hadassah Associates Earl Sternfeld rxman1216@gmail.com

Hadassah Medical Organization Joyce Fulps j_fulps@yahoo.com 

JNF Jean Friedman jeanfriedman1@juno.com

Keepers Plus Barbara Hecht Barbara@barbarahect.com

Major Donor Outreach, Esther Berman estherber@aol.com

Planned Giving and Estates  and Legal Society, Shirley Friedman hockey-puck@sbcglobal.com

Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower:
Helen Turner,   hst18@comcast.net

Yahrzeit Carol Kerr kerr_c@sbcglobal.net

Young Judaea Chair Elaine Silver Elaine.silver@comcast.net

Young Judaea Scholarships Miffie Nagorsky symif@comcast.net

Youth Aliyah/Children at Risk Pam Herstein pammy327@aol.com 

PRAZE  Coordinator (programming, advocacy, Zionism and education):   
Linda Ehrensaft  lehrens1972@aol.com

Advocacy: Elaine Lampert - Elampert@aol.com

Hadassah International Chair:  Shari Sokol (shari.sokol@gmail.com)

Hebrew Studies Chair Jackye Goldberg jackyesue@gmail.com

Holocaust Studies Edith Turner atet18@comcast.net

I.Z.A.I.A., Israel Travel Judy Eglash judyeg@yahoo.com

Women's Health Programming - Women's Health Chair: Shirley Friedman hockey-puck@att.net

Project Management and Information Chair: Randy
Heidenfelder Randynote@me.com

Membership Co-Coordinators:
Jean Friedman –jeanfriedman1@juno.com and
Merle Rumack me810@comcast.net

Young Women’s Network Debbie Goodbinder dgoodbinder@hotmail.com

Operations / Marketing Coordinator:
Evie Lowenthal eviel@prodigy.net 
Registrar:  Debbie Weiner drweiner@sbcglobal.net
Nominating Committee:  
Carol Herzog  

Human Interest/FYI Chair:
Nissah Mattenson nmattenson@aol.com

October Board Meeting Co-Chair:  Linda Ehrensaft (lehrens1972@aol.com)

Arrangements Helene Fox,helene125125@gmail.com
and Jean Friedman jeanfriedman@juno.com

Grants Chair:  Debbie Sternfeld (rxman1216@gmail.com)

Website Linda / Richard Gavatin lspitzer@ims-stlouis.com

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