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Message from your President
updated Winter 2012

 (L-R) Lisa Cohen and Susan Kagan at the new Hadassah hospital tower in Jerusalem.


As Hadassah's "Celebration of the Century" descended on Jerusalem for a moment in history, our chapter wanted the next best thing to being there and we got it! On October 18 at Freedom Square in Seminole we sat in rapt attention as we watched the live stream of the convention's closing ceremonies on the big screen. It was entertaining and inspirational and it made us proud to be part of Hadassah. Todah Rabah to Valerie Hyman for chairing this special meeting! We look forward to hearing all the details from our convention representatives, Patricia Levinson, Rhoda Ross and Marilyn Spinnichia.

For more information here is an exerpt from a story on Hadassah National news by Ehud Kokia, Hadassah's director general:

Weith the publication of Start-Up Nation, the phrase has become synonymous with Israeli imagination and invention. Yet long before this informative book was published, long before computers became commonplace, even long before Israel was founded, the Haddassah Medical Organization fashioned the template for healthcare start-ups. The network of medical clinics and hospitals that Hadassah established in the 1920s and 30s forged the framework for Israel's healthcare system. Hadassah's achievements are extraordinary - from the decision to send two public health nurses to Jerusalem in 1912 to the dedication of the Sarah Wetsman Hospital Tower ten decades later.

The world has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. Hadassah has changed - and continues to change - with the times. Yet, the more things have changed; our values and our mission have remained the same as they were a century ago. We are proud to proclaim our commitment to the health and well-being of the community, to providing outstanding care within the walls of our Medical Center, to conducting worldclass scientific research and to educating and training the next generation of healthcare professionals. Most of all we are proud of our enduring partnership with Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America - the women of Hadassah in the United States - the men of Hadassah Associates, the men and women of Hadassah International and the members or Hadassah Israel here at home as together we embrace the next 100 years.

The full story can be found at www.hadassah.org along with photos from the Convention and if you missed the live streaming, there are links to watch all the festivities also!


Susan Kagan

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