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Each Keeper donates $1,000 annually to benefit much heralded gene therapy and much needed breast cancer research at Hadassah Medical Organization (or the specified project of choice).  Golden Keepers of the Gate donate $5,000 annually.  A Young Keeper (45 and under, designated by --- below) donates $500 in the first year, $750 in the second year and $1000 thereafter as long as she is able.  Associates Keepers of the Gate donate $1,000 annually and receive a David's Harp lapel pin.

Sandy Averbuch

Jennifer Bleyer---

Merle Born

Victoria Cohen-Crumpton

Sylvia Elman

Lorna Graff

Barbara Grossman-Levy

Lee Gryll

Melanie Hirt

Marilyn Krick

Bobbie Limor

Mimsye May

Barbara Olsher

Susan Pankowsky---

Madeline Pargh

Ruth Pressman

Terryl Propper

Edria Ragosin

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