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Experience The Extraordinary Work Of Hadassah

Experience Healing
The Hadassah Medical Organization's hospitals, research centers, medical schools, clinics and outpatient facilities transform health care in Israel by treating everyone, regardless of background, with the latest advances in medical science.

Experience Action
Hadassah advocates for stem cell research, the separation of church and state and other issues important to Jewish women. Members learn how to advocate for Israel and receive Action Alerts to keep up to date.

Experience Enlightenment
Hadassah began as a Jewish women's study circle and today has a variety of publications and programs that educate, inspire and inform women about their Jewish heritage.

Experience Continuity
Young Judaeans are attending the Israel programs of Hadassah's Zionist youth movement in ever greater numbers. Camps, conventions and local programs in the United States have also grown, while Youth Aliyah in Israel gives a fresh start to young immigrants and youth at risk.

Experience Engagement
Networking and building friendships with other Jewish professionals is the cornerstone of Hadassah's Professional Councils. Hadassah also makes it possible to bond with women in the same stage of life in Young Women/Young Leaders (45 and under) and QUEST (46-60-ish).

Experience Environmentalism
The partnership between Hadassah and the Jewish National Fund helps the environment in Israel by maintaining reservoirs and aquifers, planting trees and teaching Jewish youth about protecting the land of their heritage.

There’s nothing like experiencing our dreams coming to fruition. Some people call it a miracle. We call it business as usual.
We are the nearly 300,000 women of Hadassah and for us dreams are the blueprint for building a better tomorrow.


As our national President Nancy Falchuk has said, if every Hadassah member, whether life or annual, brought in just one new member-friend, neighbor, sister-in-law, daughter-that would swell our ranks to 600,000.

Our chapter has over 3,500 members located in four states: Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland; and is divided into thirty groups. The Chapter office is located on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill and serves as a service center for our members.

For $36 a year, or $360 for a Life Membership, you can become a part of the largest Jewish women's membership and the largest Zionist organization in the United States. Hadassah has a voice in Washington and in the United Nations, with non-governmental organization (NGO) observer status.

Associates: Men With a Mission
Hadassah Associates, a network of over 28,000 men across the U.S. and Israel, gives males of all ages the opportunity to share in Hadassah’s efforts to enrich the American Jewish community, strengthen the State of Israel and support humanitarian causes. Associates are men who: socialize, learn and work together, create and attend all kinds of programs, organize fund raising events, assist at major Hadassah activities, support the ideals of Zionism and Hadassah, and stay connected to the women of Hadassah. Your one-time enrollment donation of $300 is invested in an endowment fund that generates crucial financial support for the important work of the Hadassah Medical Organization.

Membership Details and Enrollment Forms
For more information call 412-421-8919 or e-mail Annie Weidman.

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