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Our Groups

In order for us to help you find a group that would work best for you we have created a questionnaire to get to know you better. CLICK HERE for the form.

Area: N.E. Phoenix/Scottsdale
Meeting Times: Evening/Special

Contact: Sheryl S. - chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Area: Mesa/Leisure World
Meeting Times: Day/Monthly

President: Cindy F. - chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Area: Prescott/Prescott Valley
Meeting Times: vary

Presidium: Roza R., Sandy W. - chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Area: Southeast Valley
Meeting Times: Evening/Monthly

President: Barbara G. - chapter.hvos@hadassah.org
Website: www.rabinhvos.org

Area: Anthem//Cave Creek/Carefree/N. Scottsdale/Phoenix
Meeting Times: Day/Monthly

President: Froma G.. - chapter.hvos@hadassah.org
Website: www.sabrahadassahhvos.org

Area: N.E. Phoenix/Scottsdale/Paradise Valley
Meeting Times: Evening/Monthly

President: Phyllis S. - chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

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