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Our Chapter

Hadassah Valley of the Sun Chapter is a chapter that encompasses a large geographic area. Its purpose is to train, mentor, support and assist the individual groups and to be the face of Hadassah in the community. The women on the chapter board have all served on their group boards. They come to the chapter with a great deal of experience.

2010-2011 Executive Board

Sue R. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Past President
Judy S. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Organization V.P.
Melissa S. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Betty M. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Communications V.P.
Shari G. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Membership V.P.
Ellen S. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Programming V.P.
Sheilah W. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Fund Development V.P.
Sue R. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Education V.P.
Andrea K. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Recording Secretary
Gina C. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Corresponding Secretary
Toby G. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Adele S. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

Sheilah W. chapter.hvos@hadassah.org

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