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Fundraising Campaigns

Hadassah Valley of the Sun has many Fundraising Campaigns.

Contact chapter.hvos@hadassah.org to arrange to pick up each one of these great items and show off your Hadassah pride!


This handy, adorable tool hangs on the side of your purse and on the other side has a hook that you hook your keys too so you spend no more time digging and emptying your purse in search of the keys! These sanity saving devices are available at the Resource Center.

The Hadassah Jewish Family Book of Health and Wellness

"The Hadassah Jewish Family Book of Health and Wellness" written in collaboration with Hadassah, provides a much-needed resource and guide to physical health and spiritual issues that are of concern to Jewish families. This book is an essential reference for maintaining family health in keeping with Jewish tradition. It is filled with useful advice in an easy-to-understand format. This book is available at the Resource Center now!

The Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook
Tradition survives only in the observance of it. And what better way to preserve tradition than to pass along the very flavors and smells that make up our past? The Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook is a collection of more than 250 of the best traditional recipes taken from Hadassah's best cooks around the country and in Israel. You'll also find helpful tips and interesting bits on food and holiday-related information. Contact the Resource Center at 480-998-1880 for more information on this book!

Hadassah Luggage Grabber

This handy item attaches to the handle of your luggage with Velcro to help you identify it, as well as show off your affiliation with Hadassah!

Hadassah Backpack

This lightweight Hadassah red backpack is great for carrying small items while hiking, shopping or traveling… and is especially perfect for the kids in your family!

Hadassah Grocery Bags

“Go Green” with your own Hadassah Grocery Bag!

Hadassah Sun Visor

This red visor provides the perfect sun protection!

When You Say, “L’Shanah Tova,” Say It With Hadassah!

It’s time to pick up your beautifully designed Hadassah New Year cards— inscribed with a message of hope, peace and well-being. Each purchase helps support Hadassah’s life-affirming work in Israel and the United States. Take this opportunity to reach out to loved ones while performing a mitzvah. Several styles are available. To order, contact chapter.hvos@hadassah.org.

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