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Perpetual Yahrzeit Program

When a loved one dies we feel a sense of loss and mourn for them. At this time of sadness we turn to our religion for solace. In the Jewish tradition the recitation of Kaddish, a prayer which praises G-d and extols life, comforts the bereaved.

Hadassah has made it possible to have Kaddish recited for your loved one. Hadassah's Perpetual Yahrzeit Program promises the annual recitation of Kaddish beneath the Chagall windows of the Fannie and Maxwell Abbell Synagoge at Hadassah Hospital. Each year, prior to the Yahrzeit date you will receive a notice acknowledging the upcoming observance.

This is a one-time tax deductibel donation of $1,000. Payment plans are available. To establish a Perpetual Yahrzeit in Israel for a loved one, or to establish a Yahrzeit in Israel in advance for yourself or a loved one, please CLICK HERE.

Click here for Cards and Certificates

Membership Levels

If you would like to become a member at one of these gratifying giving levels, please e-mail us at chapter.hvos@hadassah.org.

General Member:
$36 per year

Lifetime Member:
$360 per year

Associate Member:
$300 per year

Maya Shmonim:
Maya Shmonim is the first giving level above General membership. The annual donation of $180 supports the Mother and Child Center at Hadassah Hospital.

Chai Society:
Chai Society is a group of donors who make an annual donation of $360 per year.

Keepers of the Gate:
Keepers of the Gate make annual donations of $1,000 to support Hadassah's work.

Founders are another special group of philanthropists, who make a minimum $25,000 donation to Hadassah and its projects.

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