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Message from the President

By Rhoda Dombchik

 Dear Members,

I recently returned from Las Vegas where I spent a week attending meetings with the nationwide Regional/Big Chapter Presidents, the National Board, as well as participating in the fabulous Hadassah Convention., Inspire, Imagine, and Ignite. What an appropriate title. Check out Suzy Grumbacher and Sara Elpern’s comprehensive and exciting reports on the convention in this bulletin. Next year, Hadassah will host a summer business meeting (mini convention) in Philadelphia. It will give us in the Northern Seaboard Region an excellent opportunity to attend. Be sure to note it on your calendars. 

           My Convention week started with a Shabbaton on Friday night and Saturday. The Shabbat service was conducted by Cantor Jessica Hutchings, daughter of Elaine Entin, the Past Co–President of the Las Vegas chapter and the local co-chair of this year’s convention. I was honored with an Aliyah. The feeling of sisterhood permeated the whole morning. Barbara Goldstein, Deputy Director, and Barbara Sofer, Public Relations and Communication Director both left their Hadassah Office in Israel at a most difficult time to be with us. They inspired us with their stories . 

           During our National Board Meeting, we reelected Marcie Natan. Our own Rebecca Krasnegor was elected to the National Board. Rebecca is serving on several committes: PRAZE  Division(Program, Advocacy, Zionism, and Education),Chair of American Affairs Team in  Advocacy; Development: Grass Roots Chair of Campaign to Complete the Tower,  and Committee for the New Office Movement of Art from Hadassah House

           This has been a very trying time for Hadassah, HWZOA, Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America, and our two hospitals in Israel, HMO, Hadassah Medical Organization. The official agreement with the Government of Israel,GOI, for the financial recovery of HMO was recently signed in June.

The timing couldn’t have been more advantageous. With Israel now at war with Hamas in Gaza (as of this writing) HMO is needed to care for the injured and sick. We desperately need to finish the Sarah Wetson Davidson Tower. It was designed to have 5 floors below ground in case of attack. It is imperative that the operating rooms located on the below ground floors be finished and equipped. On Sept. 14, there will be a phonathon to reach many of you to urge you to make a contribution to the Tower so we can bring this state of the art building to completion.

In the many years I have been involved with volunteer/organizational work, I have never met a more committed leader than Marcie Natan. She tirelessly joined the Hadassah leaders from the USA and Israel in negotiations with GOI, the unions, doctors, nurses, non-medical staff, and suppliers. She flew to Israel a few days after the convention to show our solidarity with the people of Israel. Our HMO must continue as one of Israel’s premier centers of hospital care, research and teaching. Our Youth Aliyah villages have played an important part during this war giving those families in harms way a feeling a safety away from the rockets flying overhead at their homes further south.

I am so proud to call Marcie our president and to welcome her as our Keynote Speaker for our Region’s “Honoring Our Past, Celebrating our Future” on  October 19 in Harrisburg, PA. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear our National president and honor our Region’s, Chapter’s, and Group’s past presidents. Return your invitations promptly to insure you will have seating for this gala event. Details are found elsewhere in this bulletin. It will be a most inspiring afternoon.

Rhoda Dombchik, President

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