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Our Region

Purim 1912, the Daughters of Zion met in NYC and pledged to provide nursing and health care for Palestine. A year later Rochester formed a chapter in Upper New York State. In June 1914 the 17th National Convention of American Zionists met in Rochester. The women took the opportunity to set up an afternoon conference of the Daughters of Zion. Representing New York were luminaries such as Jessie E. Sampter, Alice Seligberg and Henrietta Szold. Miss Szold was elected President. It is suggested that the group change their name to Hadassah. Hadassah as we know it today was born in the Upper New York State Region.

Today, led by Janet Deixler and known as the Upper Mid-Atlantic Region, with an office located in the State Capital of Albany, the region has led lobbying efforts for Hadassah at the Capital. We are a far flung yet cohesive active region.

The Past Presidents of the Upper New York State Region, May 1987

From left to right: Ruth Goldman, Priscilla Brown, Rita Cohen, Blossom Friedman,
Betty Silverman, Bea Klein, Bertha Lasdon, Sadie Holman, Josie Kivort.

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