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Upper Mid-Atlantic Region Officers

2015 Upper Mid-Atlantic Region Officers

President:    Janet Deixler

Treasurer:   Carol Kriss

Organization/Executive Vice President: Monika Katzel

Israel, Zionist & International Affairs:   Edith Kliman

Major Gifts/Founders Chair:     Josie Kivort

Membership/Outreach VP/Coordinator:     Carol Oko

Leadership/Training Chair:     Monika Katzel

Past Presidents: Sheree Mirochnik
                               Janie Smerling Garnett
                               Dorothy Ganz
                               Marcia Gabrilove-Ladin  
                               Karen Lustig
                               Josie Kivort

Keepers of the Gate Chair:   Sheree Mirochnik

National Liaisons:   Madelyn Donoff

Young Women's Network Chair:   Jordanna Mallach

Staff - Administrative:   Molly Getnick


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