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Social/ Community Action- BULLY Initiative 2014

Hadassah Birmingham Chapter-Community Action Initiative

The Birmingham Hadassah Chapter is committed to empowering and mobilizing woman to prevent and eliminate bullying throughout the greater Birmingham area and move toward cultivating a culture of increased tolerance and empathy in schools, communities and families.

Program Objectives:

1) Increased Public Awareness -In home house parties screening documentary BULLY -Community screenings of BULLY -Encourage more school systems to include teacher training/professional development on an ongoing basis on bullying and bullying prevention -Host public forums with professionals including school administration, DA/police, legal, psychologist to inform communities how they are actively handling bullying reports/cases -Include bullying information/resources on Hadassah Facebeook page and website

2) Strategic Identification and implementation of research based strategies to address bullying specifically in elementary schools.

 For questions about scheduling a film screening or other Bullying initiatives, email hadassahsocialaction@gmail.com.

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