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Devora President Carol Katz says...
As the newest President of Hewlett's Devora group, I receive encouraging messages from people. Among the well-wishers are some very blunt friends and family who wonder why in the world  I would take this on. ."Are you crazy?" they ask. Like all of you, my plate is pretty full. A career, a husband and four kids who need me (I like to think), a seat on the board of another non profit organization, volunteer work in my synagogue and professional organizations. There is certainly not enough time in the day.

So why would I take on the presidency of the Devora group?
What draws me to Hadassah is how it makes me feel. I love being a part of the projects of Hadassah. I love the women I have met through Hadassah. I come home from meetings impassioned and enlightened - sometimes with my head spinning (in a good way) from all the thought provoking things I hear. Whether trying my hand at decoupage for the first time, trying to force my body into yoga positions, or catching up on Judaism's attitude towards war, I am stimulated by our programs and look forward to them
The women in the Devora group and Hewlett Chapter are diverse, but all are wonderful.. They inspire me, educate me, motivate me and make me laugh and think. So maybe I am crazy, but if Hadassah makes me feel so good, I want more of it. Why not get crazy with me?  I invite each and every one of you to get involved with our group and chapter.
Help the Jewish people. Be a part of the largest woman's organization in the world. And feel proud of the woman you are!

Devora Group members are dynamic, exciting and varied! 
We are artists, educators, stay at home moms, doctors, librarians, teachers, a cantor and so much more. Devora has about 200 members, including 170 life members. Our open meetings are held in the evening once a month at members' homes. Our programs range from international cooking, acupuncture, aromatherapy and reflexology to de-stressing through yoga and learning how to make tablescapes and decoupage.

Fundraising for cribs for the hospital is our current project. We hope to do the same record-breaking fundraising as we did for the MedWagon project for Hadassah Hospital's Pediatric Wing
We enjoyed a successful mulit-generational bingo brunch as a new fundraising event. We filled tables at the Blue Dress and Red Dress Luncheons and hope to do the same at the upcoming Yellow Dress Luncheon on Tuesday April 8.

Our wonderful education program makes us well-versed in Hadassah projects and Jewish affairs in Israel, the U.S. and around the world. Each September, our opening Kosher Dinner Meeting features an outstanding speaker. We've learned from a Rabbi who donated his kidney to a stranger, from the Honorable Ronald Goldman about community issues, from life member Mindy Steinberg, expert on Islamic issues, from John Bradman, Cuban Jew and father of two of our life members, about the Jewish Community in Cuba and from past Hadassah National President Marlene Post. Each November, our Jewish Book Month program features a book talk by our own Mira Rosenfeld Sennet, well known educator. We are lucky to hear frequent UN updates by Lynn Karpo-Lantz, life member and former Hadassah National representative to the UN. Our spring pot-luck dinner is casual and fun. We participate in Nassau Region and Hewlett chapter meetings and events. 

For Inspiration, Fun, Friends and Fascinating Events, join the Devora Group of Hadassah!
Carol Katz, Devora President

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