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Fundraising Campaigns

Hewlett Chapter holds an annual elegant fundraising event at a special local venue in the winter. This event is our largest source of fundraising. All the beautiful donor certificates are framed and displayed proudly. This year's event celebrated Hewlett Hadassah's 50th anniversary with cocktails and dinner at a member's elegant home.

We are looking forward to the Yellow Dress Luncheon on April 8, 2008 at Carltun on the Park in Eisenhower Park. For more information please check the Nassau Region website www.nassau.hadassah.org 

Hewlett Chapter and the Devora group have participated in the highly successful Red Dress Event at the elegant Garden City Hotel with the largest number of attendees in all the Nassau Region. In April 2007, Nassau Region encored with the Blue Dress Event which was just as incredible!

This was mostly due to the untiring efforts of Carol Rotenberg, former president of the Hewlett Chapter and one of Nassau Region's Dress Event Chairladies. At National Convention in July 2006, the Nassau Region received the brand new National Award for Women's Health and Advocacy for the amazing Red Dress Event.

Hewlett Chapter and the Devora Group are involved in various fundraising campaigns every year.  We had huge success fundraising for MedWagons. Although this exclusively Nassau Region fundraiser was to raise funds for 25 MedWagons, many heartstrings were tugged for this very special campaign and funds from donors poured in quickly to enable the purchase of over 30 wagons for use in the pediatric wing of Hadassah Medical Center. Devora group was one of the most successful fundraisers in the region for this campaign, some were purchased by single donors while others were purchased by groups of 10 donors. When you visit the pediatric unit of Hadassah you can see the donors names on a plaque on each MedWagon

Hadassah Cards and Certificates are an ongoing source of fundraising in our chapter and group. Please call Chapter President, Marilyn Stern at auntmacc@aol.com to find out how you can purchase these beautiful cards and certificates in honor of or in memory of a loved one or for any occasion.

JNF Trees - Hewlett Chapter helped the Nassau Region plant groves of 500 trees in Northern Israel for JNF's Operation Northern Renewal.

For further info please contact the Nassau Region office, 516 766 2725.

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