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 Are you a Keeper of the Gate yet?

If not, you can be among the first Keepers in the first year of Hadassah’s second century! Help Hadassah find a cure for MS, or ALS, or macular degeneration! As a Keeper of the Gate you can have an amazing impact on developing research in medicine, or on education, or on Jewish continuity.


(Amy Sebell of the Merrimack Valley chapter of Hadassah pointing to her name on the plaques honoring Keepers of the Gate at  the  Ein Kerem Campus).


For a minimum gift of $1,000 annually you can help support the operation of the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower, our impressive gift to the people of Israel of which we are all so proud, and our other humanitarian projects . For more information contact the Hadassah Northeast office at 781-455-9055 or hne@hadassah.org


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