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Orly's Vision



By Orly Wallach


Orly's Vision


To my fellow members of Hadassah who are grandmothers already,…make room… I am joining the party! I will be asavtain a few short months. This name change, fromimatosavta, has made me think about how I will grow into my new role. The more I think about it, the more parallels I see in the roles ofsavtaand chapter president.


As president, my role is to:

Make others feel special (because they are).

Show more love than frustration.

Focus on the wellbeing of the chapter.

Be meticulous in my responsibilities.

Make time to listen to members’ joys and woes.

Encourage members to take part in activities, giving and learning.

Do the difficult things with joy.

Inspire and motivate others to excellence.


Just like asavta!AND, just like asavta, I am ALWAYS proud of EVERYONE on the Board and EVERY chapter member.

We are fast approaching the end of 2014 and I am happy to report that our chapter is doing well. We are meeting almost every quota and goal. As a soon-to-be grandma, I want to thank all my perfect children for a wonderful year, filled with new members, new activities and renewed enthusiasm.


It is with deep sadness that I speak of the passing of Cheryl Kamm, a special member of our chapter family, a Board member, past president and an exceptional woman. We mourn and miss her terribly. We are grateful for the hard work and support she gave to our chapter. Her efforts and love helped make us the strong and successful chapter we are today.


Thank you all for your love and support. Orly




Our High Holydays have been called the "great annual reunion" of the Jewish people. There are extra seats for worshippers straight through thetekiah gedolah, the great blast of the shofar urging on a messianic era of peace and justice. And here we are, filling these seats: representatives of the three synagogues with which Cheryl and Ken are affiliated, and of Hadassah, to which Cheryl was dedicated with her heart and soul.


This sad moment is also a reunion of sorts, of people different in observance and affiliation, women and men, those who served with Cheryl on this board or that organization, as well as her family and friends. Cheryl has drawn us together. We are different, yet united in our values, our goals and our mission. In her work and in her life, few have modeled that unity as has Cheryl. In her love ofk’lal Yisrael,her bond with Adas Kodesch, Beth Shalom and Beth Emeth, we find her belief that we surely must be one as a People. Cheryl has given us a model we all should emulate for a better world.


Hadassah was in Cheryl’s blood.L’dor va-dor, from generation to generation, her commitment to Hadassah grew ever stronger. Cheryl learned from her mother and transmitted that commitment through deed and symbol to her children and to her grandchildren. Cheryl’s hard work on local through national levels and the generous contributions she and Ken made have supported Hadassah as it fulfills itsmitzvotin Israel. She was so proud to display her certificates of appreciation for service and commitment, but particularly the certificate thanking her for being a major donor.


The tie that binds the Kamms to Hadassah goes beyond Cheryl. As her children say, “In this family, right after you get your birth certificate, you get your Hadassah certificate proclaiming you a life member or associate.” Cheryl, her mom, her children and her grandchildren believed in the importance of Hadassah. And how many Hadassah members has Cheryl influenced to do a little more, work a little harder, give a little more?


So we honor Cheryl's amazing life, her love and the lessons she taught by word and by deed.Zichrona l’vracha,may her memory serve as the blessing as every day of her life was a blessing for us all.  


Peter Grumbacher


Excerpted from Peter’s eulogy for Cheryl, Oct. 3, 2014.


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