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Associate’s Appreciation

Associates Appreciation


-Peter Grumbacher,

 Wilmington Chapter Associate Liaison



Had Henrietta Szold been alive to see October’s Centennial Celebration in Jerusalem, she would have kvelled to see the vibrancy, beauty and spirit of the work of her hands! From the march of the 1600 delegates and the flash-mob "dance," to the dedication of the new hospital; one could feel the positive vibes of those who traveled to Jerusalem to be a part of history. Even those who were not able to be there should consider themselves as integral to those moments, for all who work on behalf of Hadassah played a major role in making the dream of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, a state-of-the-art facility for healing and research, come true!


There were numerous choices for the delegates. Suzy and I toured the Mt. Scopus facility, the location of the first Hadassah Hospital. It offers orthopedic services, including rehabilitation. We saw a remarkable machine at work, the only one in the Middle East, which lifts and suspends paralyzed persons and moves their arms and legs, hopefully to give them the strength to walk again. We visited the Outpatient Clinic at the Mt. Scopus Center for Children with Chronic Diseases. Each of its eleven sub-centers is dedicated to a specific disease/syndrome. And each sub-center offers "one stop shopping," so that patients and their families can schedule all necessary appointments on one day, without having to return on another day.


At Mt. Scopus, pediatric services are available for all…Jewish, Moslem and Christian. Just stand in the lobby and you can see the mingling of populations in a safe and secure environment dedicated solely to healing.


At one time or another during the week, each delegate had the chance to hear experts discuss a variety of subjects, among them "Israel's Social Fabric," "Living in a Tough Neighborhood: Perspectives from Jews and Arabs," "Israel's Image at Home and Abroad," and "Right, Left, Right, Left," dealing with the spectrum of political thought.


We gathered in Jerusalem's International Conference Center to hear President Shimon Peres, Dan Shapiro (U.S. Ambassador to Israel), and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; to see and hear young and spirited dancers and singers; and, of course, to eat. The Associates, the men of Hadassah, were privileged to hear an eye-opening talk about, "The World of Hi-Tech and Medicine." Some delegates traveled to Hadassah's Neurim Youth Village to learn about projects related to the partnership between Hadassah and the Jewish National Fund, Young Judaea, Youth Aliyah and the Hadassah Academic College.


A word about the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower. While the project was still in its planning stage, patients were surveyed and asked if they preferred rooms with one bed or two. The result was 50-50, so on each floor, one wing has single bed rooms and the other has doubles. But regardless of type, each room is airy, large and friendly and have artwork with scenes of nature. The Tower has four healing gardens where patients and families can spend quiet time, or have something to eat and drink. All in all, it is a beautiful facility, one which takes into account both modern medicine and the complete patient.


Yes, it was an exciting and moving week for Suzy and me. We are so glad we could join the other delegates from Delaware - Rhoda Dombchik, Dina and Alan Lipschultz, Leni Markell and Carol and Jeff Roth - as well as those from around the country and from Hadassah chapters around the world.


Yet…in the spirit of Hadassah, the celebration didn't really "end." As we were told, "Today we begin the second century of Hadassah's mission."We in Delaware also begin that second century. Let’s begin this second century here in Delaware by doing all we can.




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