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Spotlight on Aniko Czobor

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Spotlight on

Aniko Czobor

Article by Naomi Hershkowitz



Some of our favorite Hungarian products are paprika, goulash, and the Gabor family.  One of Hadassah's most appreciated imports is Aniko Czobor, the traveling redhead.  She is the recipient of the Myrna Lomish Rubenstein award, which was presented at the Hadassah installation at the  New Castle County Library in the summer of 2012.


Aniko and I are responsible for the advertising in the  Hadassah bulletin, and I cannot ask for a more congenial committee of two.  I met our travel agent member when we were both commuting from Delaware to Philadelphia for our respective jobs  We shared confidences, family stories, jokes, and of course stimulating intellectual conversation for the length of I-95.


Aniko was a hard-working committee member for the Hadassah  Leni Markell event, and the Hadassah dinner honoring Cheryl and Ken Kamm.   


Aniko came to this country in 1957  when she was still a child.  Her family first settled in Kansas City MO and eventually moved to Wilmington.  Her family underwent hardships and difficulties in Hungary, but because she is grateful to be in this country,somehow she manages to have a sense of humor when she tells about her history.  She was a hairdresser, and then became a travel agent, and eventually went out on her own and works independently out of her home office. Her business is calledYour Passport to Travel LLC. She is a very valuable resource for Hadassah. She and Eva Weissman, another Hungarian treasure and former chapter president,  collaborated on "centennializing"  Hadassah events in the 100th anniversary year.  Aniko was the prime mover and organizer of the trip to Cuba for Hadassah members. Speak to anyone that went on that trip to be aware of what a success that was. 


Hadassah is a family affair, as Aniko's mother, Livia Gellert, is also a life member and has helped Aniko save time, by folding letters and stuffing envelopes for Hadassah Livia allows me to consider her my honorary mother.  Mario is a familiar face, as he often attends Hadassah events, and helped us with his excellent handwriting on more than one occasion.  He is also skilled at the computer. The family dog,Snowball, is fortunate to have been rescued into the household, but so far has not been involved in any Hadassah events.  Aniko has offered her home and hospitality for Hadassah meetings more than once.


As someone who is happy to be a close friend, there's much I can share about Aniko.  First, she is fun to be with.  She has many talents.  She is a skilled hairdresser. I still remember the time she sat me in front of a mirror and took a hairbrush to my unruly non-style.  If there is a question about travel, there is no one I trust more to advise me. I know many Hadassah members were glad they put their vacation plans in her hands,  I consider her a true survivor, someone who takes for granted that obstacles are meant to be overcome.


Aniko and Mario don't hesitate when they can do something for others, or when Hadassah calls.  That is truly the basis of Hadassah principles.



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