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Gardening with Ellen Pell, November



Gardening with Ellen

Before taking out your winter blankets, why not take time to enjoy some of our area’s beautiful gardens? Have you been to the Dean Bond Rose Garden on the Swarthmore campus? Although spring is the peak season, roses continue to bloom there until frost. This free garden holds over 600 roses, over 200 different types. Species roses, old garden roses, hybrid teas, floribundas and grandifloras are arranged in separate beds, with climbing roses along the perimeter. Tours are available for groups of 10+. The garden, located at 500 College Ave.,

Swarthmore, PA, is open daily from dawn to dusk. For more info call: 610.328.8025.


If you are a garden lover or simply enjoy nature and you haven’t been to Chanticleer, one of my very favorite gardens, you MUST go. Chanticleer calls itself a pleasure garden, and that couldn’t be more true. It has been called the most romantic, imaginative and exciting public garden in America: a study of textures and forms, where foliage trumps flowers and even the drinking fountains are sculptural. Chanticleer is comprised of a number of areas, including

a ruin garden, woodland garden, water-side garden and vegetable/ cutting garden. Each is planted with unusual, colorful plants interspersed with picturesque or innovative hard structures. Chanticleer, located at 786 Church Road, Wayne, PA, is large enough and filled with richness enough to hold your interest for many hours, but small enough to enjoy in only two. Chanticleer charges $10 admission and is open Wed.-Sun., closing for the season on Nov. 2 and reopening on or about April 2. Call 610.687.4163 for more info. I’d love to hear from you if you visit one of these lovely gardens before our first frost.





Ellen Pell, Master Gardener







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