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Message from the Co-Presidents

Dear Friends:

This year, Hanukkah will not be competing with Christmas. The radio and TV won't be blaring Christmas carols. Comedians won't joke about a Hanukkah bush. No, this year, the first day of Hanukkah coincides with Thanksgiving Day, so we'll hear songs like Over the River and Through the Woods." Rabbis might deliver sermons comparing Judah Maccabee with John Alden and/or the Pilgrims.

We'll all be gathered around the Thanksgiving table trying to incorporate the best of both holidays in our menu. The Hanukkiyah will have been lit and Maoz Tsur sung. Children may come to the dinner table dressed in costume... some as the Maccabees, others as Pilgrims. This will DEFINITELY be an occasion to remember!

The Parsha of Hanukkah week is Miketz. Miketz is the story of Hanukkah. The real story of the Hanukkiyah is not about a crock of oil in the Temple, but one of the war between assimilationists and those who wished to retain Judaism and its heritage. At the time of the Maccabees, many assimilated Jews had been appointed by the Greeks to leadership positions. They forgot their culture and values and adopted the Greco-Hellenist way of life, including polytheism.

Hadassah has always respected, promoted, and been engaged in Jewish values, culture, and tradition. Anyone who sees our name immediately knows that we are a Jewish organization. From our very beginning, we knew that Jewish/Zionist education was an imperative. At the same time, we have embraced our American citizenship and given thanks to this country for the freedoms we possess, especially that of freedom of religion. While the Thanksgiving Day holiday expresses our gratitude for the privilege of American freedoms, the lighting of the Hanukkiyah reminds us of the unique traditions and values to which we have been faithful for 4000 years.

So, enjoy your turkey and latkes! Anne and I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons!

Dorothy Ganz

Hadassah Capital District

For more information about any of our programs, please contact Anne Rothenberg at jrothen518@aol.com or Dorothy Ganz at allgees@aol.com  .  

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