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Hadassah Baton Rouge Chapter Greeting Card Fundraiser

Greeting Cards $4 each or 6 for $18

Sunshine Club Pricing & Form here


Happy Birthday Tri-Fold Card

Happy Birthday Tri-fold

Happy Birthday Over and Over

Over and Over
Happy Birthday

Celebrate! Happy Birthday!


On this special day, wishing you Happiness and Joy!
Happy Birthday!


Congratulations Money Holder

Congratulations money gift holder


Champagne Flute Wedding Inside Champagne Flute Wedding Front

Wedding champagne flute

Wishing you all the happiness in the world as you begin a new life together

Dada Anniversary

Dada Anniversary

L’chiam! To life! To love! Happy anniversary!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Blue Torah Scrolls

Mazel tov!

Pink Bat Mitzvah Money Holder

Pink Bat Mitzvah Money Holder

Bat Mitzvah Torah Scrolls

Torah scrolls Bat Mitzvah

You’ve become a Bat Mitzvah!
Mazel Tov on your special day.

Thank You and Blank Cards

Pink Thank You

Pink Thank You

Thinking of You

Thinking of you


Embozzed Yahrzeit

Embossed Yahrzeit Psalm 23-4

Bronze Chagall Windows Yahrzeit Front%20Bronze Chagall Windows Yahrzeit Inside

Bronze Chagall windows Psalm 23-4

Pomegranate Yahrzeit

Pomegranate Yahrzeit

Each of us is a thread in the tapestry which is humanity.
When time and life still, a singular presence. May the memory of their colors be a blessing of strength and beauty for us all.
May you find comfort in fond memories.

Clearance sale $3 each while supplies last!


Boookmark Birthday Card

Bookmark Birthday gift card

Happy Birthday CupcakeHappy Birthday Cupcake Inside

Your Birthday not a big deal? Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dancing Children

Happy Birthday dancing children

Your extra-special day for fun…Happy Birthday!


Congratulations New Baby

Congratulations New Baby

Congratulations on the exciting new arrival in your family

Congratulations List%20

Congratulations list

Congratulations Hora Dancers

Congratulations Hora dancers

Blank inside


Purple Lace Anniversary

Wishing you an anniversary wrapped in happiness, touched by magic and filled with love!

Blank Inside

Hadassah Blank


Blue Mogan David Blank

Blue Mogen David

Open a New Door Blank

Compassion, hope, promise

Get well

Get Well Soon

How to get well soon

… and a fine vase of flowers!


Purple Calligaphy Sympathy

Purple Calligraphy Psalm 23-4

Blue Rose Sympathy

Blue Rose Sympathy

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