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2014 Hadassah Southern Arizona Board


President: Corinne Forti
Program Vice President: Anne Freidman
Co-Education Vice Presidents: Margo Gray and Rita Hall
Membership Vice President: Marlene Zoloto
Fundraising Vice President: Iris Sapovits
Communications Vice President: Geri Rosen
Co-Treasurers: Marlene Zoloto and Marcia Winick
Corresponding Secretary: Karen Skolnik
Records Administrator: Shelley Lipowich
Recording Secretary: Annie Stein


Northwest Bookclub Chair: Janet Arffa
American Affairs Chair: Janet Belkin
Hospitality Chair: Lois Bodin
Greeting Cards Chair: Susan Wortman
Adopt-A-Roadway Chair: Michael Jacobson
Dining with Hadassah Chair: Sally Juntiff
Dine and Discuss Chair: Phyllis Harris         
Publicity Chair: Anne Lowe
Bulletin Editor: Carolyn Stull
Historian: Ruth Beecher
Nurse’s Council Chair: Honey Manson
Eastside Bookclub Contact: Maxine Murray
Mushrooming Luncheons Chair: Ruth Osobow
IZAIA Chair: Annie Stein
Certificates/ JNF Trees Chair: Ginger Waldstein
Therapeutic Dolls Chair: Marcia Wiener


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