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Jewish National Fund (JNF) Tree Certificates

Jewish National Fund

In 1901 the Jewish National Fund was created to raise money to acquire and cultivate the land of Israel. It was to be a general fund in which every Jew, young or old, rich or poor, would be able to participate. Since that time, blue and white tzedakah boxes have been distributed wherever Jews lived. Those boxes bound Jews to the Zionist cause: the creation of a Jewish state in 1948. Over the years, JNF has built roads, reclaimed land, drained swamps, planted forests, beautified the landscape and constructed dams and reservoirs.

In 1926, Hadassah adopted JNF as one of its projects.

•  JNF is solely responsible for fighting forest fires in Israel.

•  JNF works to prevent desertification and reclaim land from the Negev and Arava Deserts.

•  Over 220 million trees have been planted on 250,000 acres across Israel with approximately three million saplings planted each year.

•  JNF works to build regional and local roads in outlying areas and forests.

•  JNF builds parks and playgrounds that are accessible to the physically handicapped.

•  Israel was one of two nations in the world to end the 20th century with more trees than it had at the beginning.

Help Reforest Israel!

Fires have ravaged the Carmel Forest, near Haifa, in northern Israel. Five million trees on 12,500 acres are gone. We must reforest, replant, regrow. Plant a tree — or a dozen, or more — today.  Make every occasion a tree occasion!


JNF Tree Certificates

The best way to purchase JNF trees is through JNF Tree Certificates. Commemorate an occasion, honor a special person, or remember a loved one by planting a tree in Israel. Receive a certificate suitable for framing with your purchase.

This is just one of the many JNF tree certificates available through Hadassah.  These certificates are good for all occasions. The price of JNF tree certificates is now $18 per tree. They are great for birthdays, anniversaries, any simcha event, and also for condolences.

CLICK HERE to have a certificate sent out. 
in the Affiliated Local Hadassah Unit field.


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