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About The Young Womens Circle of Brooklyn Region Hadassah

  The  Young Womens Circle of Brooklyn Region Hadassah. Be a part of this extraordinary group of dynamic women by joining Daphne Griffel (Brooklyn Region Young Women's Network Chair), Andrea Shapiro (Park Slope's Young Women's Chair), and Jennifer Pagnoni (Park Slope's Youth Aliyah Chair), today!

In every state in the country, women ages 20-45 are discovering the rich rewards of Hadassah membership. Whether you're a professional who wants to broaden your horizons, a student seeking a connection to the Jewish community and Israel, or a new mother looking to expand your social circle and make a difference in the world, Hadassah offers something for everyone.

To meet the needs of our young women in Brooklyn Region our Young Women's Circle has been revitalized. The group is run by and consists of women in their 20s, 30,s and 40s, and events are planned which will engage them in Hadassah, The group meets at different venues and offers opportunities for young women to network together, and plan further activities. To address the needs of young mothers at Young Women's Circle activities, for events that are held at The East Midwood Jewish Center, some of our members will volunteer to watch their children for specific events whenever possible.

Even though The Young Women Group has it's own activities, they are encouraged to attend local chapter and region events. All young women who are interested in getting involved with Hadassah, this is the place to start.  We invite women with all kinds of skills and hobbies who believe in tikkun olam, love Israel, and want who to make a difference in this world, to join us. Whatever your passion is, you can help make Hadassah Brooklyn Region's Young Women's Circle great!  Please contact me at (718) 382-6454 or E-mail me at – BrooklynYoungWomen@hadassah.org.

Be a part of this extraordinary group of dynamic women by joining Daphne Schneider and Andrea Shapiro today in the Young Women's Circle!

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