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Message from the President

On May 6, 2012, I had the honor of being installed as President of Hadassah - Southern New Jersey Region, as our national organization moves into its second century.

We at Hadassah in 2012 are at a pivotal point in time. We have completed our first century of groundbreaking, life-altering work, growing from a small circle of committed women to over 300,000 strong, many of whom made the commitment in honor of the Centennial. We are at the threshold of the next century of Hadassah, poised to enter not just year 101 but also the next 100 years.

The Southern New Jersey Region just completed another amazing year. In 2011, we enrolled 3,670 new Life members, the second greatest number of all the Regions in the country. Life members make up 96% of our total membership. In addition, we raised over one million dollars towards Hadassah’s projects, and over $88,000 towards the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower, which will be dedicated in October 2012 during the Centennial Convention.

Hadassah is brimming with possibilities, as we stand at the open door to the next century – the possibilities of previously unimaginable medical breakthroughs such as stem cell cures for multiple sclerosis, devices to control epilepsy, and therapies to stop, delay or mitigate Parkinson’s disease.

There is a popular adage that Hadassah women stand on the shoulders of Henrietta Szold and the other women who built Hadassah. Our board, all of our members, and I stand on the shoulders of these women, as we resolve to meet head-on the challenges of the next one hundred years. We hope that all of you who are visiting this website will join us on this journey into the new Hadassah century.

I hope to meet you at our upcoming Region events. Please come over and introduce yourself – our door is always open.


Sherryl Kaufman
Southern New Jersey Region

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