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Projects and Advocacy

Hadassah is Born.

At a meeting at Temple Emanu-El in New York City, Henrietta Szold, a noted scholar, teacher, journalist, editor, social worker and pioneer Zionist, convinces the Daughters of Zion study circle to expand its purpose and embrace "practical Zionism," proactive work to help meet the health needs of Palestine's people. Because the meeting is held around the time of Purim, the women call themselves "The Hadassah chapter of the Daughters of Zion," adopting the Hebrew name of Queen Esther. Hadassah also means "myrtle," a hardy Levantine plant with agricultural and biblical significance. Henrietta Szold becomes the first president.

Hadassah Projects

Hadassah’s Medical Organization
(2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee)

 1. A world-renowned medical complex in Jerusalem and is comprised of two advanced hospitals, one at Ein Kerem, the other at Mount Scopus.

2. Each year, 600,000 patients from all over Israel and other parts of the world seek treatment at HMO. They are cared for by close to 4,000 medical professionals in over 100 general and specialized departments, 100 outpatient clinics, and in surgical, clinical and oncological daycare units.

Hadassah Projects
Young Judaea

1. Helps develop Jewish identities for tens of thousands of American Jewish youth.

2. Provides enriching programs through experiential education, while maintaining its commitment to political nonpartisanship and religious pluralism.

Hadassah Projects
Youth Aliyah –  Children at Risk

Addresses the diverse needs of these adolescents from all over the world. Solace, support and a second chance are offered by Youth Aliyah, where participants live, work and study in a community that fosters individual growth and independent initiative.

Hadassah Acts to...
Protect Reproductive Freedom

Advocating for federal legislative and judicial measures that protect women’s rights to safe, legal, and funded abortion and other reproductive health care services.

Urging passage of the “Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage” legislation for the expansion of contraceptive coverage.

Hadassah Acts to...
Maintain U.S. Aid to Israel

1. Advocating to maintain current levels of funding for the international affairs budget.

2. Advocating for U.S. aid to Israel, specifically in the reconfiguration of this aid as requested by Israel.

Hadassah Acts to...
Encourage Organ and Tissue Donation

In the U.S.: Encouraging the Jewish community and all Americans to begin a dialogue with their families about organ and tissue donation.

In Israel:
Serving as a designated national center for bone marrow, heart, lung, liver, kidney, and pancreas transplants by the Israel Ministry of Health. Home to the national skin repository and national bone bank.

Hadassah Acts to...
Encourage Influentials to Visit and Support Israel

Initiating an Influentials to Israel program to educate and inspire elected officials, policy makers, and public opinion leaders through personal visits to Hadassah sites in Israel. Marketing this program to members of the U.S Congress.

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