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Our Groups

Hadassah is a volunteer organization for women of all ages.

Membership fees help ensure quality educational programs within Rhode Island as well as support National Initiatives.

Membership Programs

Rhode Island Membership Contact: 

Dr. Barbara Jablow   scjabber@aol.com


Look for details about the Rhode Island Attorneys' Council to be published soon on this website.

 Contact Karen Fink: finpasta@aol.com

Hadassah Circles

Hadassah Circles are small groups of women who meet once a month and share a common interest. These groups can get together as a Dinner Club, book CLub, Lunch group, Card Group, Girl's Night out, Mah Jongg Group, Walking group....whatever interests them!

Every time they meet, each member makes a donation to Hadassah. The group determines the amount donated. They may pool the donations and determine a recognition device, such as Ima/Aba Certificate, Yahrzeit, Life Membership or Associate Enrollment.

Let us know whether you have a group put together, would like to be part of a group, or need more information.

Rhode Island Contact: Betty Ann Israelit  bettyann.israelit@gmail.com

Keepers of the Gate

Keepers of the Gate is a special group whose members make annual donations to support Hadassah's work.

Rhode Island Contacts: Evy Mittleman  ejrri@comcast.net and Audrey Hirsch Audster325@gmail.com

Associate Membership Program

Hadassah appreciates the enthusiastic support of our men. Males of all ages are invited to become Hadassah Associates, whose innovative programs and events support Hadassah Medical Organizations and other Hadassah programs.

Rhode Island Contact:

For more information about Membership please contact the local contacts, listed above, or go to the main Hadassah site.


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