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Book Clubs

The Rhode Island chapter sponsors an Evening Book Club, which meets throughout the  year. Books are selected at the January meeting and the Book Club does not meet in August. All books are listed on the Calendar Information pages.

Books are available for purchase at Books on the Square at a discount of 10% for Book Club members.

The Evening Group meets at Books on the Square at 7:00 PM, usually on the first Monday of each month.

Committee Chair:
                                Marilyn Kagan Busybeaderkagan@aol.com
The February 2012 book selection was The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman. While the Book Club was meeting here in RI, Marilyn was there, at Terezin, with 12 others from Temple Emanu-El. She wrote back to Rhode Island, 
"It was about 5 degrees, and windy, and we were clothed in many layers. I thought of the people who lived in rags there for several years. Our guide was a 93-year-old woman who had been a prisoner there for three years, from her 20th year. She was quietly strong, and I wanted to take her home with me.
We saw an art exhibit of drawings by all the artists that Alyson mentioned in "The Lost Wife".
Their talents were wonderful, and it's so awful that they were shipped out, instead of becoming famous. I read their names, and had the book with me. Alyson said that she was in a  hair salon,
and heard of a couple who accidentally found one another after 60 years, which inspired the book. She apparently did a lot of research."

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