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Our Groups


President                                                           Debra Gladstone

Treasurer                                                           Sue Herman

Corresponding Secretary                                Harriet Chesler

Recording Secretary                                        Shirley Kanas                                                                   

Vice Presidents

Education                                                         Luise Burman

Fundraising                                                      OPEN

Membership                                                    FannyLitovich                                                                                                

Outreach                                                          Meral Ginsberg

Programming                                                  Carrie Hearshen, Jan Stern, Chana Rivkin

Communications                                            Sharon Richmond

Publicity & Marketing                                   Iris Sandow



·        Alternate Winter/Summer Break      Anita Greenberg

·        Associates                                         Lloyd Stern

·        Bar/Bat Mitzvah                                Anita Greenberg

·        Blue Book                                         Harriet Chesler, Elaine Viders

·        Book Club(s)                                     Andrea Holper, Sheila Jacobs

·        Bulletin                                             Sharon Richmond                                                                                          

·        Cards                                                 Shirley Kanas

·        Tree Certificates                                Marlene Steinberg

·        General Certificates                           Herman Greenberg

·        Chesed                                              Sandy Saviet

·        Children                                             Chana Rivkin

·        Hospitality                                         Abby Blackburn

·        JCRC                                                  Sue Dvorchik

·        Keepers of the Gate                          Debra Gladstone

·        Mahjong                                            Corky Arkovich, Bonnie Wise

·        Records Administrator                     Sharon Cross

·        Social Media                                    Jan Stern

·        Sunshine                                           Harriet Chesler

·        Young Women                                 Jan Stern, Carrie Hearshen





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