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Fundraising Campaigns

National Hadassah Chai Society Campaign

Become a member of the Chai Society

Chai Society

Florida Central Region started a program called the Crown of Esther. This program was so great that National Hadassah decided to use it for all Hadassah members. To learn more about this new program click HERE. Those who are already Crown of Esther donors can continue their annual gift and become a member of the Chai Society.

Silver Chai Society ($30/month) $360 - $999
Chai Society ($15/month) $180 - $359

Contact Florida Central Region of Hadassah office

(407) 389-0248 or Flcentralregion@Hadassah.org




If you are lucky enough to have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah coming up in your family this year, please suggest Hadassah as the beneficiary of the celebrant's Mitzvah Project. This is a very easy way to help Tampa Ameet Hadassah meet its quota. For details contact Luise Burman at 982-1480 or at mrslab1@verizon.net    

Fundraising for Hadassah is a very important and serious venture. Please view the Hadassah National web site for more information. (Hadassah web site)

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