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Health Initiatives of HGB

Hadassah of Greater Baltimore is proud of its Women's Health Initiatives.  Our programs serve girls and women of all ages and provide substantive educational information on exercise, nutrition, prevention and early detection of diseases that affect women (including breast, lung, colon, and ovarian cancers, cervical cancer and HPV; heart disease; inflammatory bowel disease; and osteoporosis). 

2011-2012 health programs include:

2010-2011 health programs included:

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Beyond the Mirror focuses on the needs of elementary through high school girls, stressing the importance of balancing conflicting pressures in girls' and parents' lives, self esteem, healthy body image, and positive role models. Our award winning  Check It Out ® breast and testicular education program educates thousands of teens and adults every year about early detection and treatment.  Complementary/Alternative Medicine: Is It for You? brought a medical expert from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to discuss some of the current treatment options. Doctors from Johns Hopkins discussed aging and memory loss in Where Did I Leave My Keys? Your Mind, Your Memory, What Matters. A follow-up program was held in May 2010 on Aging and the Loss of Independence.

Hadassah's initiative, Boxers or Briefs, was launched as a complement to Beyond the Mirror. The program is designed to help mothers feel better equipped to assist their sons navigate the teenage years, give them tools to foster growth and development of their sons and maintain lines of communication.

Other Hadassah health programs have included:  Crohn's and Colitis presented information for parents of children living with these diseases; Straight from the Heart, a variety of unique programs about how heart disease differs in women, its signs, symptoms and presentations, prevention, taking charge and intervention; Pikuah Nefesh, which educates our community about the importance of organ donation and dispels the myths and misconceptions surrounding this life-saving deed; It's in the Genes, an educational program that covers concerns relating to the science of genetics, counseling/psychosocial issues, discrimination, and ethics from a Jewish perspective; and community outreach through blood pressure screenings and speakers' bureaus. 

As part of Hadassah's worldwide commitment to research, health education and healing, all of our health programs are dedicated to encourage and empower people, without discrimination to race, religion or nationality, to be responsible for their own bodies. 

For more information about our health education programs, please contact the Hadassah office or click on the links.


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