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Young Giving Opportunities



Hadassah recognizes the financial constraints of its younger members and the transition from college graduate to young professional to newlywed to new parent.  We have created special giving opportunities for all levels of commitment specifically designed for this stage of your life.


Young Keepers of the Gate


Young Keepers of the Gate are a prestigious group of women and men under the age of 46 throughout the country who agree to make an annual contribution for as long as they are able. As a Young Keeper of the Gate, the first year’s gift is $500, the second year’s gift is $750 and the remaining years are $1000. You have the option of designating your gift to the specific Hadassah project that best reflects your interests or passions. If undesignated, your contribution will provide funding for research and treatment at the world renowned Hadassah Medical Organization.


Upon becoming a Keeper, you will receive a magnificently crafted sterling silver and 14K gold David's Harp pin designed by the prominent Israeli artist, Rachel Gera. Upon your fifth anniversary as a Keeper of the Gate, your name will be inscribed on the Keepers of the Gate Wall at the Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Kerem, in Israel.


Young Founders


A Young Founder’s gift is $15,000 payable over 5 years.  The gift may be designated to the specific Hadassah project that best reflects your interest or passion. All Founders receive a magnificent parchment certificate featuring a rendering of one of the world-renowned Marc Chagall Windows from the Abbell Synagogue at Hadassah Medical Center.  You are also eligible to purchase the distinguished Founders pin.




A deferred gift annuity is simply what it sounds like: a gift investment that one can establish now but start receiving the annuity payment at a later date. Normally a deferred gift annuity is established while a donor is not yet 60 years old and is established to go into effect when the donor reaches 60 (or beyond). See Planned Giving.


For more information on Giving Opportunities for those aged 45 and younger, contact fundraising.baltimore@hadassah.org or call 410.484.9590.


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