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Boxers or Briefs


Programs for Mothers of Adolescent Boys

While mothers of sons have some excellent books and written materials to use as resources, very few programs have existed that address some of our unique issues.  For example, how do we tease out a real conversation from our boys to replace the monosyllabic grunts they use in place of talking to us?  How do we help our unathletic sons feel good about themselves in a society where sports seem to be all consuming?  And, perhaps most importantly, how do we handle that moment when they decide to trade their superhero decorated briefs for a more hip pair of plaid boxers?

Hadassah of Greater Baltimore put together Boxers or Briefs as a direct result of comments from mothers of boys who were looking for a program to offer the kind of support and camaraderie that mothers of girls have been enjoying for a number of years.


We know everyone has enjoyed the past presentations (see below) and invite you to become involved in planning future programs.  Contact us for more information.


October 30, 2008

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School

Program Chair Debbie Disney with speakers Michael Bogrov, MD;
Robin Sweeney; and
Howard Reznick, LCSW-C

Dr. Bogrov, Service Chief, Child Inpatient Unit, Sheppard Pratt Health System presented the keynote topic Riding the Roller Coaster of Adolescence -  How You and Your Son Can Enjoy the Ride

Breakout sessions were led by Ms. Sweeney and Mr. Reznick -Keeping Him Safe During the Teenage Years: Minimizing Risky Behavior, and Parenting on the Same Page: When Parents Disagree. The evening concluded with questions from the audience.

The program was sponsored by Hadassah of Greater Baltimore
 in collaboration with Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, Jewish Community Services, and Sheppard Pratt Health System 




October 29, 2007

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation


 Brad Sachs, PhD, Lisa Schkloven
and Thomas Baumgardner, PhD

flanked by Committee Chairs
Donna Friedman
& Halaine Steinberg


Topics Covered:


Brain Development & Risky Behavior in
Adolescent Boys
Mother-Son Communication
Overcoming the Boy Mold








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