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A special Leadership Retreat for Women of All Ages Sponsored by Hadassah Northeast:  Northern, Southern, and Western New England Regions, Upper Mid-Atlantic Region, and Boston Chapter

Illuminate your Hadassah knowledge, personal development and practical leadership skills!
Ignite your Hadassah passion and commitment!

Ask yourself: 
When was the last time you gave yourself your undivided attention?  Give yourself a Hanukkah gift to brighten your life and shine your spirit!  
Spend a weekend with the women of Hadassah in the beautiful, serene Berkshires, in Lenox, Massachusetts.
Light your way to health with yoga, water aerobics and more...
Bask in the glow of this empowering experience...
Relax in the radiance of our Jewish heritage...
Share the light of Shabbat spirituality...
Kindle new friendships...       
Spark your creativity...
For more information, contact: Myra Glansberg at 508-965-8810 or at myragl@comcast.net

As always, the National web site remains a valuable resource for all your Hadassah questions/information:www.hadassah.org.



President: Lori Friedman Mailing: Judith Ann Lurie Editor: Karen Lustig

BULLETIN DEADLINE the 7th of each month

Bulletin information requested via email only to Karen Lustig KareLustig@aol.com 381-9327

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Attention Snowbirds! If you will be out of town for the winter and have not given us your winter address please contact Judy Lurie 377-4983 or jalgal@aol.com. Hadassah pays for returned mail!









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