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Merna Shapiro


Passover Message from
Merna Shapiro,

President, FL Broward Region Hadassah


Dear Hadassah Family,

Passover is the festival which celebrates the freedom of the Hebrew slaves from ancient Egypt. The message of this holiday revolves around the themes of freedom, salvation and hope. We treasure our independence and as Jews, we respond to the needs of others.  We recall our servitude, and view it our duty to create a society that treats all people equally. The Passover story offers a sense of hope, even when a situation seems dire.  Our tradition encourages us to feel better by expecting the best.  Although Miriam, the sister of Moses, and the women of Israel, recognized things looked bleak during their journey out of Egypt, they were also aware that a time to celebrate, sing and dance would come. This belief helps create a better tomorrow.


During Hadassah’s 102 year history, we have faced many challenges and still continue to succeed.  Today, while FL Broward Region and HWZOA are on solid financial ground, Hadassah Medical Organization is facing financial challenges. For the last several years, the hospitals have been operating with a financial deficit and recently entered Section 350, the Israeli equivalent of Chapter 11 in the US. The HMO Board and hospital management are working diligently with the Israeli government, the health insurance companies, and the unions on a plan to correct the issues and get our hospitals back on solid financial ground. Please know that your donations are safe and will only be used for the purposes for which they were intended.

At our Hadassah Medical Organization, groundbreaking research and extraordinary patient care continue. The studies on stem cells are considered the most advanced in the world; the research on patients with MS shows progress and the clinical trials on patients with the devastating disease ALS has entered into its second phase.  Hadassah miracles continue to occur. Located in our Mt Scopus Hospital is one of the best geriatric centers in the world. This model is being utilized by Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City.  A school for chronically ill children is located in our hospital which helps ailing youngsters keep up with their studies while receiving treatment.


Everything that Hadassah accomplishes happens because of your support, and you can choose where you want to make your impact.  We need to complete the magnificent Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, our citadel of healing.  You can help more young people recognize the importance of being Jewish by donating to the scholarship fund for Camp Judaea.   You can help nurture a struggling young Israeli living in one of our Youth Aliyah Villages.  As Jews, we are asked to believe in Tzedakah; Judaism obligates  us to share our good fortune.

As you sit around your Seder Table, recalling our history, please reaffirm your commitment to volunteerism and Tzedakah, and maintain a hopeful outlook about the future. I appreciate your commitment to Hadassah and wish you and those whom you love, a Zissen Pesach! 


Chag Pesach Sameach! 


Hadassah hugs,    





Florida Broward Region Hadassah


954-535-9121 (Fax)

5341 W. Atlantic Ave., Suite 305

Delray Beach, FL 33484



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