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The Alliance of Hadassah Innovators of Tomorrow

Hello again! Last night was the very first AHIOT gathering, and it was a great success! Alex Cender and I met other young women for a casual happy hour. We spent a few hours just chatting and getting to know one another. Danielle Sherman from the Chamudot chapter joined us and will be mentoring the group!

The mission of AHIOT (the Alliance of Hadassah Innovators of Tomorrow) is to bring together young women (college age - 30) interested in creating lifelong friendships and sharing a passion for giving back through Hadassah. Our events are centered on developing friendships and relationships that encourage each individual to reach her highest purpose while recognizing Hadassah's mission to empower its members and supporters, as well as youth in Israel and America through opportunities for personal growth, education, advocacy and Jewish continuity.

Florida Broward is the first region to incorporate an AHIOT group, and we plan to see success in 2014 by bringing in new, active members of a younger generation. With the help of Chamudot acting as a mentor group, we hope AHIOT will attract the college/grad school/young professional demographic! As the AHIOT group grows, we believe Florida Broward will be able to share the fun and innovative methods we are using to attract and sustain a young women’s AHIOT group with other regions.

If you know any young women who may be interested in joining Alex and myself as we grow the group, please reach out to me and I will contact them! You can email me directly at rucreveling@gmail.com!

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