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Chamudot and AHIOT February Event

AHIOT is comprised of young women college age through early 30s, and the incoming newbies will be joining the young women of Chamudot! The amazing women of Chamudot will be mentoring these new young women who join the special interest group. AHIOT was recently started in the hopes of bringing together all of the young women around the region – we have many college campuses and recent graduates who would be excellent members of Hadassah.

This month, the veteran Chamudot members and the new members will meet for an event where everyone can get to know each other! We will be having another laid-back evening out, Thursday, February 27th at 6:30 PM. We will be meeting in Coral Springs at the always fun BJs Brewhouse! Email me for details (rucreveling@gmail.com) or find us on Facebook: facebook.com/hadassahflbroward

This will be a casual event with no dinner planned - since the special interest group is so small we will wait until we have a larger group before we plan more organized events. So if you’re in the mood for good conversation, good atmosphere, and good food and drinks, come join us! The girls of the AHIOT special interest group are looking forward to learning from the women of Chamdudot as the chapter becomes more active this year.

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