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Passover and Spring!

You know Passover (and Spring) is around the corner when you see the Publix shelves full of Matzoh! Passover is my personal favorite holiday; our family’s Seders have always been based on a children’s version of the Seder. Basically, everyone at the table plays a role (who gets to be the Princess? It was always an argument). Dad was always the narrator, and the guest of honor got to play Moses. There are actually puppets, pictures, and songs! We all grew up but we still do our “children’s Seder” and we love it.

There are so many ways to get involved with Hadassah as Spring approaches. We have our huge region-wide fundraiser in Weston coming up at the end of March, our young women’s group is meeting twice within the next 30 days, and individual chapters are holding game days. In a few weeks, a leadership training will take place in West Palm Beach and women from all over the state will be coming together in the name of Hadassah.

It’s a great time to be involved! If you have any ideas for ways to make an impact, please reach out to our president, Merna, or even me! I hope to see you this Spring.

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