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Create Your Hadassah Blue Print

On Sunday, March 23rd, I attended the first “Build Your Hadassah Blue Print” Leadership Training! This event was the first of multiple geographic trainings put on by Hadassah National. Leaders throughout the state were invited to participate in a full-day training seminar led by some of Hadassah’s most dynamic women.

The day started with an exercise to help the attendees understand the importance of planning. We used a few materials (like tape, tin foil, empty paper towel rolls) to create something that we thought represented Hadassah. It was a fun exercise and showed us the importance of planning ahead!

We had breakout sessions that covered topics like advocacy, social media and websites, marketing to future members, and fundraising. All the presenters were engaging and educational and everyone left feeling inspired! My favorite part was the social media presentation; seeing all the seasoned members who are willing and interested in using social media to attract younger members is awesome!

The training was so successful that some of our photos were featured on Hadassah National’s website and social media sites! Check out some of your Florida Broward members!

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