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Passover Traditions Around the World

A special thanks to Karen Ulm for finding the following article to feature on our blog!

"8 Pesach Customs From Around The World"

By: Rebecca Kleiner

1. Jewelry on the Seder Table: Hungarian Jews put gold and silver jewelry on their seder table as a reminder of when Bnei Yisrael asked the Egyptians for gold and silver before leaving Mitzrayim.

2. Real Brick Charoset: A twist on the traditional Pesach charoset, which is supposed to remind us of the bricks we used as slaves, Jews from Gibraltar actually make charoset with dust from real bricks.

3. Smash That Plate: Ethiopian Jews have a few unique rituals: Some smash earthenware dishes and then make a new set to symbolize breaking from the past, actually slaughter a lamb, and do not eat fermented dairy products including yogurt, butter, and cheese.

4. Duck Duck Jews: Jews from Spain have the tradition for the leader of the seder to tap everyone on the head with the seder plate three times. Also, some lightly ‘whip’ each other with leeks or scallions as a reminder of slavery.

5. Playing With Your Food: North African Jews break matzah into the shape of the letter ‘ה’.

6. Beach Day: On the day after Pesach, some Moroccan Jews throw pebbles behind their backs into the ocean to try to foil evil spirits.

7. More Machmir than Tinfoil: Jews from India scrape paint from their walls and repaint them to ensure there is no chametz left over.

8. Don’t Get Your Feet Wet: Some Polish Jews re-enact Kriyat Yam Suf by pouring water on the floor.

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