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Social Media Success

Many of you know that our Region is very forward-thinking and has been implementing a social media campaign since the beginning of the year.

We began with no Facebook page, and no Twitter account, and we have grown significantly already! Our Twitter followers are nearly up to 100 people! These people see everything we talk about from upcoming events, Hadassah news, and holiday greetings.

Even more exciting is our Facebook presence. As of today, we have 344 women who “like” the Florida Broward Region. More importantly, our use of social media has led to new, younger members becoming more active over the past few months. We have already held two successful events, and our most recent event “Paints n’ Cocktails” went over so well, we will probably do it again!

Take a look at some of the fun things we can use social media to do like:

Invite people to new events

Tweet with potential new members we haven’t met face-to-face yet:

If you haven’t found us yet, please check us out when you get a chance. We are using social media effectively and hopefully other regions will look at our methods and use them to generate a younger membership as well!

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