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Why Desserts and Wine Events WORK!

I'm starting this blog with much deserved recognition to the beautiful Alex Cender. Not only did she host our group in her gorgeous and spacious club house, but she provided all the wine/refreshments for our event. More important than that, she invited some of her personal friends via Facebook who had not yet attended an event, but were open to this because it was at her home. And guess what! THEY ALL CAME!

In our 5th month of this "social media experiment" to attract new members under 40, and to promote more activity among life members in that age range, we had 5 Hadassah members in attendance, and 10 new faces. You read that right! TEN new faces! Some of our new members had conflicts that evening, so the majority of our group were brand new to Hadassah. We had a great time mingling and enjoying the desserts and wine.

We gathered into a circle around the tables to make sure everyone knew everyone's names and a little bit about why we were there. Alex and I spoke about Hadassah, and the Chamudot President (Jessica Ludwin) told us why she wanted to be involved with Hadassah. Did you know her Great Aunt was the president of her chapter? When she passed, Jessica wanted to honor her memory by following in her footsteps.

One of the new faces, a Pure Barre instructor and CPA named Melissa, offered to host our next event at her studio and to donate 100% (Yes! 100%!!!) of the proceeds to Hadassah. We will bring you more information on our Pure Barre for Hadassah class soon! I want to say how happy and proud I am to be part of this burgeoning young women's group. I can't wait to see how our group impacts Hadassah as we continue to grow and thrive.

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